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Training Development

provides training services to support our clients, and to assist them with their organizational and personal change initiatives. Our certified trainers are world-class professionals who have delivered training programs to leaders and other employees in various types of organizations. Training services are provided in all listed areas, and are based on clients' needs.

HGM’s Approach for Training: It is customary that the HGM team, in undertaking large projects for our clients, systematically applies proven solutions drawn from years of experience, vast pools of expertise, and extensive databases, including Global Best Practices. The HGM team applies the same principles to all projects awarded, using a systematic, tailor-made, approach that incorporates proven solutions.

HGM performs training development and delivery in all the areas listed below:

HGM is a multi-media training firm, which utilizes various technologically advanced tools and systems to augment its training programs, and provide the right climate for its customers. The following are key tools that are used in the training delivery of our various programs:

HGM has delivered many training courses to federal, state, and local government agencies, and private sector firms to improve individual and overall performances across organizations. HGM provides its services through the use of the above tools, and techniques that enable ease of access, and comfort to participants. We provide a variety of products to augment our services to clients. We provide some products commercially – off the shelves (COTS) - but a large percentage of our products are custom-designed. Our in-house designers are skilled and prepared to develop products, based on the understanding of needs gained by interviewing customers. HGM maintains some items in-house in readiness for distribution to clients.

HGM has developed several training courses with emphasis on organizational change, and transformation. Our trainers are talented professionals, who possess the capability to design and develop state-of-the-art training programs for the wide array of courses provided by our firm. Our training programs are developed using proven methodologies and best practices for adult learning. Programs are tailored to clients' needs, and enable clients to improve performance at the individual and organizational levels. We deliver training courses at our site, offsite, or at the client sites, depending on the client's desire. Our experienced trainers, some of whom have delivered programs internationally, are capable of delivering to small, medium, and large audiences, in facilities ranging from offices, classrooms, to conference auditoriums. Our trainers are flexible, and will accommodate a class size with a minimum number of 10 participants per course, and an unlimited upper end. We have delivered to classes with up to 45 students.

HGM also has the capability to deliver training to large groups of 100 participants or more as part of our experiential learning and change management initiatives. In these programs we focus on change attitudes, behaviors and perceptions or the "Game of Life".





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